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Independent Home Inspection for New Builds

To get an Independent Home Inspection or not? That is the question.

Well, let’s take a look…….

We’re talking about new build construction. Where you go to the pretty model homes and decide on “the one”. Now, your beautiful home begins the construction process. There are several steps during this phase:

  • foundation
  • framing the walls
  • drywall
  • installing all your beautiful fixtures, counters, cabinets, appliances, etc.
  • flooring installed
  • completing the exterior surface
  • roofing material
  • and on and on.

As you can imagine, there are many different trades professionals completing their own specialty step.

New Build

During this entire process, the builder and his general contractor is keeping up with all of these trades and hopefully, the completed home has all the nails hammered and grout filled, to name a few things. As a buyer client, you watch this progress, or maybe not, and a week or so before you’re slated to close and the home becomes yours, you do the “final” walk-through with the builders sales representative and/or construction supervisor.

During the walk-through, you’re envisioning the move-in; where will the furniture be placed? your grandma’s antique hutch? and so on….

Will you go up on the roof to ensure that all the tiles are nailed in properly? All debris has been removed? Probably not.

Will you look under all the sinks and ensure there was nothing installed incorrectly? Or check all the outlets? Check that all the door hinges have screws in all the holes? Probably not.

So, the best way to ensure that the newly built home that you’re moving into is completed properly, start with a professional Realtor to represent you at the start of your home search. Once you are under contract and the building begins, your Realtor can keep up with the progress, up to and including recommending an Independent Home Inspector to do their inspection on the property BEFORE you take possession.